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SDPMart Cosmos Multi-Functional Vegetable Cutter

SDPMart Cosmos Multi-Functional Vegetable Cutter

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An all-in-one cosmos multi-functional veg-cutter to slice, chop, dice or julienne vegetables and greens. It comes with a belt feed and hopper feed system at opposite ends which can be used simultaneously. Special Vegetable Belt Cutting cum Dicing Machine delivered with SS Guide. SS Finish fitted with a Conveyor Belt for Slicing application controlled by Inverter and has Cast Alloy Feeder for Dicing inbuilt in the machine.

Features: Conveyor belt system for bulk slicing of vegetables Thinly sliced vegetables can be processed Programmable control panel for adjusting the sizes Hopper System for Slicing, Dicing and Julienne of bigger & round vegetables Small Hopper provided additionally for cutting Cucumber, radish, etc. Interchangeable Blade system for various shapes and sizes

Ideal for: Hotels and Restaurants, Bakery, Industrial Canteens, Catering Companies, Institutions, Hospital Kitchens, QSR Chains, RTE and RTC

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