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SDPMart Premium Bamboo Rice 1 LB

SDPMart Premium Bamboo Rice 1 LB

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SDPMart Naturally Aged Bamboo Rice of 1 Lb bag

  • Bamboo Rice - 1LB

    The bamboo rice is collected by the tribes residing in the forest from the seeds of bamboo flowers. It has high nutrition content & rich medicinal values. We can consider the bamboo rice as very good substitutes for the polished white paddy rice. Normally bamboos trees grow in tropical rain forest. It is one of the tallest herb grasses. The bamboos trees flowering at the end of its lifespan. During the process of milling the rice, chlorophyll from the bamboo is added to seeds & it give a nice flavor & aroma. The bamboo rice is considered as genuine forest product and in most places only the local tribal are given access and allowed to collect these seeds. For the cleanest collection, the area around the base of each clump of bamboo is cleared, and then smoothed down with slurry of clay. When this has dried, the bamboo rice is gently shaken down onto the prepared surface and then gathered up to be cleaned. Bamboo rice is not commonly available since their flowering pattern is highly unpredictable and it may vary from a few years to up to 100 years for a bamboo plant to flower. A wide range of delicacies like payasam, unniyappam (sweet balls), uppuma and puttu (steam cake) etc can be made from bamboo rice. The bamboo rice can be cooked and consumed just like our regular rice. It goes well with most Indian curries. The health benefits and nutrient content of bamboo rice is remarkable.

We procure all our raw materials directly from farmers to provide High Quality products at reasonable price to our customers. We are proud to support our farmers and native farming.
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