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SDPMart COSMOS Cook Wok - 150 Ltr

SDPMart COSMOS Cook Wok - 150 Ltr

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Cosmos Cook-wok’ s (Cooking Mixer) effective saute method aided by its unique mixing tool and technology makes large-volume cooking very easy. Cooking Mixer with a painted Body, SS Stove with Auto Igniter & SS 304 Single Layer Bowl, Lid & Mixing Arm with SS Planetary Head Assembly, Cook-wok(Wok Machine) is the ultimate cooking mixer machine.

Features: Bowl and Revolving Head Assembly are made of SS 304 Stainless Steel SS mixing tool, 4F Teflon mixing pad Direct / Thermal / Steam heating options Manual / Hydraulic tilting options LPG / Natural gas options Concealed burners Variable Speed Controller Capacities: Capacities available are 50, 80, 150, 200, 250,300,400 & 500 lit.

Ideal for: Hotels and Restaurants, Industrial Canteens, Catering Companies, Institutions, Hospital Kitchens, RTE and RTC

* 1 year manufacturing warranty .

* No returns 

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